Who We Are
Global Hand Incorporated have been active in providing programs and services in both America and Africa to the poor, disadvantaged and underserved communities since 1996.

We are leaders in development with a vast knowledge of the continent of Africa - its challenges and opportunities.  Through direct community engagement we nurtured valuable relationships.  Our approach and focus on well-being and active community participation is encourage and required in development; we respect and practice integrity while building sustainable relationships.  We are committed to bringing life changing program initiatives to America and abroad.
Everyone regardless of race, nationality and color has the undeniable rights to the conditions of well-being which include: health, happiness, prosperity and success.  Global Hand Incorporated works through charitable programs and services to establish conditions that help eliminate poverty and promotes well-being and enhance the quality of life.

The vision of Global Hand Incorporates the promotion of self-sufficiency and sustainability of all individuals and their environment.  It entails providing solutions that help to eliminate poverty in needy communities world-wide while it creates and links to services that promote community health, happiness prosperity and success.

Rainbow Institute of Advanced Learning and Application (1996-1999):  A state of the art education program designed to make each child aware of his inherent genius. The pre-school operation utilized curriculum that instilled concepts of love, pride, self-worth, dignity and self-esteem in children. The school operated from the south side of Chicago.

Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) 1998-1999:  A social leadership club for teenagers that focused on guiding youth safely and ethically through their teen years. LOT was a fun fraternal-like order, designed to teach ethical principles and good discipline. Teachers, civil service workers, doctors, lawyers, and businessmen assisted in mentoring the children to build self-esteem and provide examples of success. This program was offered in Chicago and Miami for two years.

Creative Children Network, through art, music and games worked with youth to develop their artistic skills and express their creative talents while increasing their overall academic performance. Many fun and educational activities for children were featured by the Network in Chicago during a 1999 Expo. Tutoring and creative programs have also been offered to Chicago Schools, Churches and Public Libraries.

Educator Assistance Programs in: Ghana, Mali, Senegal and Ethiopia from 2000 until current. Supporting English language (ESL)courses and fund raising to support school set-up, function, supplies and scholarship, and teacher volunteers.

Pan African Educational Network for Students (PENS) explores educational options within many specialized fields of interests. The Network is a growing consortium of educational programs and cultural opportunities currently available in West Africa for international students. Global Hand Incorporated has linked with Government-Private and Independent Schools, cultural artists and trades people to provide an international education, travel and social exchange for students. These opportunities not only enhance leadership capabilities practical learning experiences but have also proven to provide an excellent opportunity to learn a second language for most of our past participants.

PENS, by providing cultural, social and practical living experiences in developing countries has already pioneered the evolving of a better enlightened, knowledgeable, and globally diverse group of students. Some former participants have ‘targeted’ international service careers as a result. While amongst Black youth these exchanges have also been instrumental in building self-reliance, pride and self-esteem. Currently, ‘PENS’ offers numerous opportunities for students in America and the Caribbean to travel or study abroad in Africa.

PENS has connected students to such prestigious education institutions in West Africa at the University of Ghana, Legon, and The Ghana Institute of Languages in Ghana, both started by the honorable Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana's first President after independence from Colonialism in 1957. The University of Leadership and Sustainable Economics MALI and other schools under our management and support in Mali also provided excellent programs and services and language exposure in French for the exchange student as well. In response to parents requesting both economical and quality study abroad opportunities, The NETWORK, has several opportunities available for both short and long term study and cultural exchanges in Africa.

Summer Language Institute in Senegal 2001 provided intensive French language classes and tours throughout Senegal and Gambia. The program lasted for six weeks in the summer of 2001.

Summer Language Institute in Ghana 2002: Provided American exchange opportunities to the Ghana Institute of Languages, where students learned French and Arabic. It was a six-week program and offered a certificate of completion.